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Riverton budget forecasts $46K surplus

Jun 5, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

City administrator Steven Weaver presented the City of Riverton's draft budget, which showed a surplus of $46,000, during a budget work session May 23. The city's fiscal year 2014 budget, including capital, is roughly $28 million and includes the general and enterprise funds.

Weaver said the budget is down about $311,000 from last year.

"The general fund is the primary operating fund of the city and is used to account for the revenues and expenditures of most tax-supported activities of the city," Weaver said.

The enterprise fund comprises the water fund at $5 million, the sewer fund at $1 million, the sanitation fund at $91,000 and the airport fund at $1.7 million. The airport fund is subsidized by the general fund and must collect enough revenue to fulfill its operating duties.

"Once you take the revenues and expenditures, there's a little bit left over, and I've called this a contingency line item, so any additions that we add to that would, obviously, drop that amount," Weaver said.

Money requests

The contingency line item could be amended by changes in the amount of money allocated toward the contract for services, of which the city has 10. Council members discussed third-party requests which are funded by the supplemental funds from state sources. Those requests grew by about $300,000 in this budget.

Any remaining monies from the supplemental funds are used for capital projects. Additional funding of $12,500 was added to the budget for the Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center, which is with the Volunteers of America organization, and another $3,500 for the Children's Advocacy project that was approved by the council and mayor last week during a regular council meeting.

In particular, the PAWS animal shelter in Riverton requested that the city increase funding by $14,000, raising the total city assistance to $50,000 instead of last year's $36,000.

Weaver said the city provides the PAWS center with an animal control officer, the building, and the utilities.

Council member Jonathan Faubion, is the city's liaison to the PAWS board, endorsed the funding increase.

"I do know that they tirelessly fund raise 100 percent of the time and still seem to be right up against at the edge of their budgetary constraints," Faubion said. "I think the city is definitely getting value for the money."

Council member Todd Smith suggested that with the increase in supplemental funding, some money be used to reduce debt, reflecting one of the goals adopted by the city council.

Councilman Eric Heiser asked if the $14,000 could be taken from the new contingency line item instead, and Weaver confirmed that it could.

Supplemental money also will fund other areas in the capital improvement plan, including City Hall upgrades, improvements on South Federal Boulevard, Riverview Road and North Broadway, park improvements and emergency call boxes for City Park.

Council members Faubion, Heiser and Mary Ellen Christensen suggested the $14,000 would be appropriate. Council members Richard Gard, Smith and Lars Baker suggested that $7,000 would be best than the full request. Faubion then agreed that half would be better than nothing at all.

Weaver said the final budget is to be adopted on the third week of June.

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