Ceremony at cemetery not the time for political talk

Jun 5, 2013 Melissa Aronsing, Corning, N.Y.


I am not a resident of your city, and I do not mean to butt in where I am not wanted. But I do want to share an opinion on the Memorial Day speech I happened to hear at the Mountain View Cemetery by your mayor of Riverton, Mr. Warpness.

I was in your area to see a young relative at her high school graduation before driving on to Yellowstone, and I went to the cemetery to see the grave of another relative on Memorial Day.

While there, I heard the mayor start off with a traditional sort of speech and some anecdotes about his childhood (I take it he grew up in Riverton).

But then it jumped into a partisan-style diatribe criticizing the president and his administration, mentioning the IRS investigation and other things.

This is supposed to be a holiday honoring, first and foremost, our deceased military veterans. The president is the commander in chief, for one thing, even if you didn't vote for him. (My brother was career military and a Vietnam veteran, which the introduction said the mayor also was).

Aside from that, a Memorial Day speech at a cemetery is not the time or the place for a political speech. He should have talked about his days in service or something appropriate to the day. Keep the politics out of a graveside speech on Memorial Day. That should be a time and place where divisive issues can be set aside.

This was most unfortunate and inappropriate. I should add that I did enjoy your mayor's remarks comparing life to a loom. I think he should have left it at that.

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