Horsehair theft not too unusual

Jun 6, 2013 Steve Spruill, Vacaville, Calif.


Recently I noticed an article in The Ranger about horsetail theft. I was surprised that people thought it was strange, and that the reason for it wasn't clear.

Horsetail theft actually it's quite common. In urban communities and large cities, it is the norm for many people with very curly hair to get a horse hair weave or wig.

A weave is simply using horsehair woven into the person's hair to give the appearance of long, straight hair -- or, as it is called street slang, "the good hair."

Horsehair wigs or extensions can be ordered through salons. I guess if you can't afford to purchase them. ... Well you know the rest.

I hope this helps solve the mystery.


Editors note: The writer is an inmate at the California State Prison, Solano

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