Family fight in Shoshoni street draws neighbor's attention

Jun 9, 2013 From staff reports

Deputies said no one involved wanted to pursue charges.

Fremont County Sheriffs deputies responded to a family fight Thursday evening in Shoshoni that apparently caused concern for a nearby resident.

No injuries were recorded, and no one was arrested as a result of the fight, which was reported at about 7:10 p.m. Thursday from the 100 block of Maple Street. According to a neighbor, two brothers and their dad were "fighting in the street."

"(The) father is trying to break it up," the caller stated. "(They're) using foul language."

The brothers' sister had just showed up, according to the witness, and their mother was "outside yelling at them."

One brother reportedly had a pipe or a board he had taken out his car, but no guns were involved. The caller didn't know if alcohol was involved.

He described one of the brothers as wearing a football jersey and shorts while the other was wearing a T-shirt.

By 7:30 p.m., the caller said the brothers had left the scene, with one driving away and the other going into a camper while their dad returned to his own house.

Three minutes later, a dispatcher from the Riverton Police Department reported that "they are out there yelling at each other again" and had been "going at it for about 45 minutes."

Undersheriff Ryan Lee said no one was fighting when deputies arrived, and no one wanted to pursue charges.

"The family told us it was 'a brotherly dispute and everything was cool,'" Lee said. "We didn't take it any further than that."

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