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State runoff below average but better than 2012

Jun 9, 2013 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE --Wyoming's expected runoff remains below normal, but better than what the state saw last year at this time.

In its final report on Wyoming's expected water outlook for the year, the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service reports that the state's annual runoff from the winter snowpack will be about 67 percent of normal.

The Snake River basins is expected to yield about 69 percent of average runoff, the Yellowstone River about 89 percent and Clark's Fork 85 percent. Runoff from the Wind River basin is expected to be about 59 percent of average, the Bighorn River 61 percent, Upper North Platte about 63 percent, Lower North Platte 55 percent and the Green River 37 percent.

Wyoming relies heavily on its mountain snowpack to supply its drinking and irrigation water needs for the year.

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