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Abuses on reservation need to be exposed and cleansed

Jun 12, 2013 - Lester Dewey


Thank you, Chief Broadhead of the Riverton Police Department, for taking the initiative to set an example for the entire Native American community of Fremont County, by taking a sincere effort to curb the juvenile delinquency.

I am an incarcerated criminal, been in institutions since I was a teenager. I honestly don't remember anyone, elected official, elder or otherwise, taking steps to provide for the youth.

There are vans that will take a person from Ethete to Arapahoe every hour on the hour. I guarantee you there aren't many such provisions for the youth to be taken to or from positive activities such as baseball.

I sent letters about the cold indifference of our elected officials toward their own people and the myriad problems of poverty. See, there are a lot of instances of every abuse on the reservation. Corrupt authority, collusion in our government, criminal records polished to a sheen. Families controlling the vote and political circles. Nepotism that denies qualified applicants in order to advance uneducated, degree-lacking cousins.

Sexual abuse swept under the carpet. The entire tribe and its mass dysfunction. Forget the people's poverty, the youth's despair, we have a casino and gamblers to coddle.

We need Congress to thoroughly audit our finances and correct our corrupt leadership. We need our sovereignty to be cleansed, corrected, and it's all in the interest to reduce Native Americans committing crime in Fremont County.

As for me, I am a low-life loser, but I know when something ain't right, man.


Editor's note: the writer is a Fremont County resident incarcerated in Newcastle.

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