Dwight 'Moody Bluez' Spoonhunter Sr.

Jun 12, 2013 Staff

Dwight "Moody Bluez" Spoonhunter Sr., of Arapahoe, died Sunday, June 9, 2013, at Riverton Memorial Hospital. He was 28 years old.

A rosary will be at 7 p.m. Friday, June 14, at Great Plains Hall. A wake will follow at 331 Great Plains Road. Funeral services will be Saturday, June 15, at St. Stephen's Catholic Church. Father Phil Wagner will officiate. Burial will follow at Arapaho Catholic Cemetery.

Dwight Moody Spoonhunter Sr. was born July 2, 1984, in Riverton, the son of Ward Micheal Spoonhunter and Reva Kay SunRhodes. He attended school at Arapahoe, Wyoming Indian, Walchter ND, and earned his GED from Chimmawa.

He was a lifelong resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation. He worked as a laborer, roofer, janitor and entrepreneur.

His family said he enjoyed basketball, weightlifting, hunting, fishing, playing football, drawing, drumming and participating in Native American culture, and he loved spending time with his family, camping and busting freestyles.

He was of the Catholic Native American Church, and he was involved with the Northern Arapaho ways.

He is survived by his mother, Reva; sons Dwight Moody Spoonhunter Jr. and Ryu Eli Spoonhunter; daughters Georgina Maria Spoonhunter, Kirin Kaylee Spoonhunter and Uneik Kay Spoonhunter; grandparents Laura Shakespeare, George West Shakespeare, Joyce Duran, Lorraine Duran, Delmer Duran Sr., Claude Duran Sr., Michael Duran, Ida Monroe and Tommy Ybarra Sr.; brothers Ward Michael Spoonhunter, Michael Lee SunRhodes Sr., Ronnie Blaze Jenkins Sr., Thunder LittleThunder Sr., Isaiah Spoonhunter, Shadow Eagle, Mathew Whiteplume, Travis Harris Sr., Raymond LittleThunder, George LittleThunder Jr., Junior Brown, Clifton LittleThunder, Rueben Behan, Robert Behan, Ricky Behan, Stacy Medicine Top, Willow Pingree, Joseph Jenkins Sr., Jude Chargingcrow, Stanly Charging Crow, Quinn Duran, Gage Duran, Craig Tillman, Levi Monroe, Ryan Monroe, Wolf Duran, Robert "Goofy" Ybarra, Adam Spoonhunter, Quavin Spoonhunter, Maurice Duran, Nano Duran, Shane Duran and Morry SunRhodes; sisters Whitney Marie SunRhodes, Leona Monroe, Kristina Behan, Delight Brown, Michelle "Shelly" Brown, Michelle "Shelby" Shakespeare, Delight SunRhodes, Cheryl Eagle, Trinity Shakespeare, Ronda Behan, Jori Lamebull, Lacy SunRhodes, Adelia Jenkins, Loretta SunRhodes, Mallori Shakespeare, Robin Behan, Tiffany Arthur, Delain SunRhodes, Estelle Ida LittleThuner, Kelly Jenkins, Darlene Spoonhunter and Miceala Duran; uncles Ed Shakespeare, Loren Shakespeare, Shane Duran, Leo Monroe Sr., Damon SunRhodes, James Pingree, George LittleThunder Jr., Virgil Monroe, Michael Duran, Eric Underwood, Dominic Duran, Shadow Duran, Lamar Duran, Norman Ybarra, Tommy Ybarra Jr., Delmer Duran Jr., Ryan Spoonhunter and Alden Spoonhunter; aunts Alvinita LameBull, Elsie Shakespeare, Ramona Shakespeare, Sandra Paulson, Mary Ellen Pingree, Melissa LittleThunder, Angela Black, Vianna Behan, Diane Underwood, Chasity Duran, Chaliss, Erin, and Caroline Duran, Claudette Duran, Josephine Duran and Karen Black; nephews Michael Lee SunRhodes Jr., Ronnie Jenkins Jr., Antone LittleThunder, Tyray LittleThunder, Tookie LittleThunder, Blue Sky LittleThunder, Gabriel Brown, Uzel Brown, Josiah Brown, Sincere Brown, Joseph Jude Jenkins Jr., Sameul Jenkins, Iziah Behan, Alejandro Behan,Victor Jacinto, Charlo Yellowfox III, Rueben Yellowfox, Robert Ybarra Jr., Javier Ybarra, Donimin SunRhodes, Rylan Chiles, Moony Sky SunRhodes, Damon Blaze SunRhodes, Trevyvale BigMedicine, Anthony BigMedicine, Whitehawk BigMedicine, Joson SunRhodes, Tyson Whiteplume Jr., Alyiss Whiteplume, Morry White, Brindin White Jr. and Clark SunRhodes; and nieces Wardina Wind Candace Ghostbear, Ada Mae Ghostbear, Brandi Eagle, Moleni Eagle, Emereld Eagle, Aliyah Eagle, Soraya Chiles, Zhone Brown, Shakeyah Brown, Shade BigMedicine, Jaylynn BigMedicine, Shawntay BigMedicine, Destiny BigMedicine, Trinity Yellowfox, Serenity Yellowfox, Eternity Yellowfox, Donna Rae Track, Melissa LittleThunder, Alexis LittleThunder, Talissa LittleThunder, Windina Soft, Fayla LittleThunder, Janeisa Whiteplume and Akira White.

He was preceded in death by his father, Ward Michael Spoonhunter; sisters Wardina Kay Spoonhunter and Shawna Maria SunRhodes; grandmother Estelle Duran SunRhodes; grandfathers Dwight Moody SunRhodes, Edd Shakespeare Sr., Alfred Spoonhunter, Howard Spoonhunter and Stanley Spoonhunter; sundance grandfather Martin YellowHair; great-grandparents Margaret Spoonhunter and Ward Spoonhunter; uncles Ronald J. Behan Sr., Griz Shakespeare, Roderick Underwood and Clifford Duran; aunts Clarinda M. Behan and Lorraine Monroe; and nephews Ronald J. Behan Jr. and Baby Bunz LittleThunder.

Arrangements are under the direction of Davis Funeral Home of Riverton. Online condolences may be left at

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