Saturday sculptors create icy artwork

Feb 6, 2012 By Emily Etheredge Staff Writer

Icy conditions caused one side of Main Street to be blocked off on Saturday -- but in a good way.

Ice sculptors arrived bright and early as they prepared to carve detailed works of art for the annual Wild West Winter Carnival ice sculpting event. Participants began sculpting around 8 a.m. and continued until judging began at 2 p.m.

Randy Archer started in on a bunny rabbit that he hoped eventually would resemble a cartoon.

"I'm afraid the ears will fall off and I might not be able to make it look like a cartoon, so it might just be a bunny rabbit," Archer said.

At the same time the rabbit was being formed, Archer's son was carving a lizard and his granddaughter was starting to carve the sinking of the Titanic.

"I brought out the whole family and am pretty sure my son is going to beat me," Archer said.

Sculptors brought their own tools and to whittling down blocks of ice provided by Wild West Winter Carnival sponsors as observers walked along Main Street.

Sisters Tova and Krystal Miller worked on their pieces of ice which included a cross and a remake of the sorcerer from Disney's "Fantasia."

"I like to provide a little excitement for the kids who walk along and wonder what I am doing. I like making them try to figure out what my sculpture is going to be and waiting until the end for a surprise," Tova said.

The sisters look forward to the event every year and hoped the warm weather of recent weeks would not be a factor.

"I called the Riverton Chamber of Commerce and wanted to know whether we would be able to do this due to the warm weather we have had, and they assured me it would still happen.

"So I was thrilled because I love this event and can't wait each year to participate," Tova said.

Sculptures were be judged and awarded to participants in the categories of amateur, intermediate, and professional levels.

"We just have a lot of fun getting to see all of the different people come out and enjoy these wonderful works of art made out of a block of ice and it is fun thinking of ideas to sculpt throughout the year," Krystal said.

Other WWWC activities Saturday included tethered balloon rides at City Park, the WWWC Crab Crack, and the annual Quick Draw Auction.

Carnival events continue through next weekend.

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