It doesn't take long for friends to let you know how they really feel

Mar 20, 2012 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

Facebook and texting. Here are some of my friends' comments from Monday about the Denver Broncos landing future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who some believe is the most sought-after free agent in the history of the NFL:

- "Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!... oops, scratch that... MANNING, MANNING, MANNING! Go Broncos!"

- "Manning picks Broncos!"

- "No way!!! That's flippin insane!"

- "What, serious?"

- "Manning goes to Denver!!!"

- "This should not be allowed to happen on a Monday. Should not be surprised. I sure wish he'd (Tebow) stay in Denver."

- "Ya, we best be using your press pass to get some interviews."

- "Didn't he used to be kind of cute? Now he is just old."

- "Remember, the Broncos have a pretty good history with a Colts #1 overall pick at the helm."

- "Anyone who knows me know I am one to keep my opinions to myself, but desperate times...OK that was an attempt to cut a joke in this time of sorrow...Keep 15!!!!!

Let him mentor under Manning for a year before Manning moves into his wheel chair... The Kid is a winner (plus he has the best number on earth) like myself his blood is Blue and Orange, he just needs a chance, which he has not gotten in the pros as of yet...How about a coach and a coordinator with half a brain combine. Elway was my hero...NOTICE THE WAS!!!

How stupid is it to get rid of the one person in the NFL to bring in more money to this the greatest organization in the NFL than any other player in the history of the league, who dedicates his life to winning everything he commits to, and makes the players around him better just by being in the same vacinity...KEEP A WINNER!!! KEEP 15!!!! Or watch him Kick our A$$ every time we play him...Don't get me wrong, I am glad Manning chose Denver, just know his days are numbered and we will be looking for a replacement very soon, and we will never find a better one or one with more heart, win, or future than Tebow. Yeah, I'M UPSET!"

- "I might add that I do like Tebow. I also like what he stands for and his commitment to more than the Broncos. I just don't think he is an NFL quarterback."

- "He missed me. That's why he is coming out here."

- "Jake Plummer was a winner. So was Brian Griese. Both did nothing but win in Denver, and both were run out of town. Just sayin'."

- "Also I think Tebow's days were numbered the day Elway took over in the front office. Tebow is not his guy and he wants his guy."

- "Cut That Meat!"

- "It's official, Peyton Manning is going to be a Bronco!"

- "My mom called me, crying. She loves Tebow!"

- "And the Denver Broncos are unlikely to run the option in 2012."

- "I agree with you, the fan base is excited for the return to hopefully less stressful games sometimes. Tebow has a fan base that is loud because it stretches the boundaries of athletes. It is also nationwide, which makes this an unpopular move to some. I like the guy alot, I just do not trust his game. He is dangerous with the ball in his hands inside the 5-yard line though. If we don't use him like that, I bet the Patriots will."

And my favorite comment of all? When I came home from work yesterday, my neighbor Jan opened her front door and yelled across the street, "How 'bout those Broncos!"

Indeed. This coming late summer and fall just got a bit more interesting.

Have a great sports week.

Go Big Red!

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