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Visitor 'hired' by cousin years ago to deliver Mining Edition

Jun 19, 2013 Rod Dedrick, Bradley, Texas


Many years back, and I won't say how many because I want to feel young, my cousin had a Ranger paper route. For two years in a row he "hired" me to help him deliver the annual mining edition when we were visiting in the summer. I think in both years it had at least 100 pages.

He had a bike with two "saddlebags." He would fill those up and also the newspaper bag he wore over his shoulders. My job was to fill two red wagons. We always tried to hook one onto my friend's bike and pull it, but that never worked very well. I usually ended up pulling both of them and reloading his bike bags and shoulder back as we went along the sidewalks.

One time a man saw us and pulled over in his car and bought two copies right off our wagon. He tipped us a dollar apiece.

As I remember it, my friend's route had about 60 papers. I know we had to go back to The Ranger office and get more papers because we could only handle about 35 at a time.

I think that dollar tip was the first dollar I ever earned. After we were done, I still remember how we spent that tip -- on a cherry "slush" from the Tastee Freeze. Good memories ...

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