Medallion found Friday in rural spot

Feb 6, 2012 Staff

In the latter stages of the Wild West Winter Carnival Medallion Treasure Hunt, it's not uncommon for dozens of searchers to be in the same area, closing in on the hiding place of the bronze disc worth $500 to its finder.

That was not the case at all for Karyl Bush.

"There wasn't anybody else in sight," she said of finding the medallion Friday afternoon. "It turns out my brother-in-law was looking across the road, but that was the day before. I was the only one there."

Bush found the medallion on a patch of dry grass near the intersection of Buckhorn Flats Road and Elkhorn Road.

Thursday's eighth of 10 possible clues published in the Ranger made mention of "roads with similar names," and Bush, who lives in that area, zeroed in from there.

She said she used an online mapping application to help her find the place where the two roads intersected.

The ninth clue already had been published before Bush returned the medallion Friday, although she didn't see it. That clue referred to a place where the "pavement ends," which is a road sign near the hiding place. Had it been necessary, the 10th clue would have described the hiding place in more specific detail. Since its inception in 1986 no WWWC treasure hunt has ever required all 10 clues.

"I was looking at something else and realized the medallion was right under my foot," she said. "I really almost stepped on it."

Although the medallion hunt has drawn wide attention in Fremont County for more than 25 years, few people have actually seen the object, and Bush said she had to look twice to be sure what it was.

"It blended in with the dirt and the dry grass," she said.

Bush said she and her family always follow the treasure hunt and have looked actively in the summer for the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Block as well.

She has no specific plans for the $500 cash prize, "but I know we'll think of something," she said.

"It's fun to hunt for it," she added. "It gets people out of the house in the winter, and I enjoy it."

The Ranger plans to conduct its Easter egg hunt again in April, along with the Rendezvous Balloon Block search in July, and plans are in the works to add a fall football hunt as well.

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