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'Poltergeist' news item was 'good for a laugh or two'

Jun 21, 2013 - Ian Franklin, Riverton


So now our police and sheriff are supposed to know how to deal with a "poltergeist"? That was the funniest news item of the year when the cops were called because the woman was possessed by a poltergeist and the "exorcism" had gone wrong.

I always had respect for the police, don't get me wrong. But it grew after I read that story and tried to imagine what I would have done if I had been the officer called to that house. I think I probably would have laughed my head off and told them to sober up and see if the "poltergeist" went away. Or maybe would have arrested the poltergeist and pretended to put it in handcuffs and take it out the door. Would I have to read the poltergeist his rights like they do on TV?

Anyway, thanks for covering that big news item. It was good for a laugh or two.

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