One of the things 'we've worked so hard to achieve' is a fair system of justice in U.S.

Jun 25, 2013 Douglas Drachner, Riverton


I see that Mary Sue Shoup has been giving her own brand of civics lessons again in the newspaper. Recently she wrote that the Boston bombing suspect should not be allowed to have a trial in the American courts.

To use her exact words, "don't let these terrorists destroy what we've worked so hard to achieve"

I feel the same as most Americans feel, I'm sure, about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. It was despicable and senseless thing to do. I have total contempt for those who did it.

But in that case, I feel very best thing we can do now is to put the surviving bomber on trial in a great American courtroom and let our nation's great system of justice deal with him severely.

Ms. Shoup should remember that one of the things that "we've worked so hard to achieve" in this country is the development of a fair justice system. Most other countries don't have it.

I say put him on trial, convict him by vote of a jury of ordinary Americans, and lock him up for good. To me, that is the real American way.

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