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'World needs a big dose of mind-your-own-business'

Jun 26, 2013 - Delia Grantland, Riverton


Thinking about all the controversy over the man from the National Security Agency who made it known that government was monitoring the e-mails and phone calls of millions of people, I saw the old news anchorman Tom Brokaw on a talk show last week.

He said we can either have privacy or we can have the Internet, but we cannot have both.

It is beyond me that so many people can just throw so much personal information "out there" on e-mails and Facebook, etc., and then get surprised when this causes them problems.

It is not just the government that is watching, it is big business also. There is nothing secret anymore once it is on the Internet.

Our problem with technology is that we always invent it before we know how we are going to use it to the full extent. Obviously that is the case with the Internet. As I have read, it had a very limited use when it was created, and no one dreamed of what it has become now. Imagine what it will become 10 years from now.

This world needs a big dose of mind-your-own-business. And I don't just mean the government.

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