New investigations of WDE are nothing more than a 'witch hunt' for purely political ends

Jul 7, 2013 Cindy Hill, Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction


Re: Speaker Lubnau's news release of his intent to form yet another investigative committee:

The "independent" inquiry team spent the last four months, hundreds of hours of employee time, and over $100,000 in outside costs investigating me.

This was not the first legislator-directed-taxpayer-funded investigation of my administration. The audit of assessment accounts showed no findings, and by the account of the auditor, the audit results were remarkable.

In 2012, the Legislature paid two individuals about $250,000 to conduct an investigation. Nothing came of that.

I am not surprised. It is more of the same. After several audits, and investigation after investigation, it seems that some of our legislators are intent on conducting investigations until they find something that they like.

With no proof, or even allegations of wrongdoing, the question is how many more investigations will there be?

How many more investigations will the taxpayers be asked to fund?

Whose personal and political agendas are behind the push for investigation after investigation?"

With investigation after investigation nearly from the day I took office, it is obvious that the next investigation is not being taken up with pure motives.

I have little trust that Speaker Lubnau will assemble persons interested in a fair process or who have a mind directed to the broader interests of Wyoming. The Legislature is engaging in a witch hunt with the goal of achieving political ends.

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