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Obama 'couldn't be president of a dog fight if a cat was sponsor'

Jul 12, 2013 - Dan Wimp, Riverton


Obama better leave Medicare and Social Security alone. It is not his money in the first place.

Obama wants to send weapons to Syria what's he going to do, start a third world war? Obama is no good. He's a thief, liar, and gangster, and you people too stupid to wake up and see that.

Myself, my wife, my stepson, and my dog Bella could run this country by ourselves better than Obama could. Our dog Bella could take a bite out of crime, Obama is a criminal, and no one is doing nothing about it. What's the matter, people you too scared of Obama not me. He is invading people of their privacy.

Obama lies to the people every day. If we broke the law as much as he has we would be in prison. People won't do nothing because they are afraid of Obama he thinks he's a president. He couldn't be present of a dogfight the cat was the sponsor.

Obama lied about the taxes for the wealthy, Obama is raising taxes on everybody we would bring jobs back in our country. Obama and his cronies wouldn't know what a real job is to have to work for living. Obama is the worst of so-called president that we ever had.

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