Third time for the same scam using a fake granddaughter

Jul 16, 2013 Winnie Schmuck, Riverton


This is the third time --same scam. Why do they bother 80-plus-year-old-me?

I answered the phone on Wednesday, June 26, to someone who said she was my granddaughter.

"Grandma, I have a cold... but how are you? I am in Ecuador, and I need your help. I was driving a rented car and had an accident. I had a couple of drinks, so I tested positive for breath alcohol.

"They say I must fix the car for $2,500. Will you lend me that, and I will pay you as soon as I get home? Please don't tell anyone, as I want to tell them. My lawyer will call you."

I was skeptical.

"Do they speak English?" I questioned. "What language?"

"Some do. My lawyer does," she said.

She said there was a way a store could send the money. After she hung up, I looked up where Ecuador was. Then I called her cell phone in Idaho because the real granddaughter is not a traveler or a drinker.

The false granddaughter called back, saying her lawyer could not call right now. I happily informed her that I did not know her.

I wonder why was I polite?

I had this same thing once with friends (exact names) and a grandson (exact name again, and he called me Grandma) supposedly in Lander. He said he was arrested for an accident ... using a cell phone while driving and ran a red light. Enough!

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