Northern Arapaho General Council is Feb. 11

Feb 6, 2012 By Martin Reed Staff Writer

Northern Arapaho General Council chairwoman Andrea Clifford in announcing the agenda for the meeting on Feb. 11 stated the selected topics of discussion affect the entire tribe.

Clifford in the agenda posting said she picked the agenda items for the upcoming meeting because "they pertain to the whole tribe" and "they don't involve a personnel matter or personal attacks."

The Wind River Casino human resources director instigated the agenda item that resulted in the termination of former Northern Arapaho Business Council members Kim Harjo and Keith Spoonhunter last year.

None of the eight submitted agenda items that made it onto the meeting schedule deal with any specific individual or Business Council member.

The meeting starts at 10 a.m. on Feb. 11 at Great Plains Hall in Arapahoe. Lunch will be served.

Submitted agenda items selected by Clifford include Jana Rising Sun seeking General Council confirmation of three Northern Arapaho election judges.

Gerald Redman Sr. is on the agenda for an update on a propane project and to present an articles of incorporation resolution for Northern Arapaho Utilities.

Francene Shakespeare is seeking a resolution concerning 150 or more tribal members at a General Council meeting constituting a quorum.

Sandra Iron Cloud is listed with the item concerning "personnel issues regarding tribal employees including Northern Arapaho Gaming."

The agenda item further seeks approval of a General Council resolution "that all personnel issues go through due policy and procedures as specified in the Human Resources Handbook or Employee Handbook of each respective department/program."

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