Oak Ridge Boys set for Saturday fair show

Jul 25, 2013 By Andrea Novotny, Staff Writer

County and gospel music legends The Oak Ridge Boys perform at the Fremont County Fair 5 p.m. Saturday, July 27, at the fairgrounds grandstand arena in Riverton.

The band, composed of tenor Joe Bonsall, baritone William Lee Golden, bass singer Richard Sterban and lead singer Duane Allen, will perform in Riverton as part of the band's 40th Annivers-ary Tour.

Over the last four decades, The Oak Ridge Boys have had 12 gold, three platinum, and one double platinum album, as well as one double platinum single, more than a dozen national Number One singles and more than 30 top-10 hits. They have garnered fame through "Bobbie Sue," "Thank God for Kids," "Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight," andthe 1981 chart-topper "Elvira."

Though the Oak Ridge Boys have played at major venues around the world, including regular appearances at the Grand Ole Opry since 1945, when they were still the Oak Ridge Quartet, many of their venues are state and county fairs.

"It's really middle American," says Sterban. "It's our crowd."

The story of the Oak Ridge Boys began even earlier than 40 years ago.

"It was a really fascinating history," says Sterban. "It dates back to the Second World War, if you can believe that."

A group known as the Georgia Clodhoppers would often travel to Oak Ridge, Tenn. to entertain the people developing the Manhattan Project. Soon, the group became known as the Oak Ridge Quartet. After disbanding, reassembling, and undergoing a few member changes, the group eventually became The Oak Ridge Boys.

"Forty years ago, I don't think any of us would have believed it," says Sterban. "We're on our 40th anniversary tour and still having a great time."

And the end is nowhere in sight.

"I think its important to note this is by no means retirement tour," he says. "We still have plans for the future. As long as the good lord above keeps blessing us with good health we're going to be out there."

"If you come to Riverton, you're going to hear a lot of the songs you expect to hear," says Sterban. That consists of a lot of the Oak Ridge Boys hits. 'Elvira' for sure."

The night will feature classic gospel and country. It will be a "great night of good country music, but it's really family show as well," says Sterban.

"We're very patriotic guys," he says. "We love this country that we live in and we know the people in your part of the country are real Americans as well."

The Oak Ridge Boys have been to Wyoming "many, many, times," says Sterban. Though he wasn't sure whether they had performed in Riverton before, he says he speaks for all four band members when he says, "we're all looking forward to it. We know that we have a lot of friends and a lot of fans out there."

Band merchandise will be available for purchase before and after the show.Time permitting, the band will sign autographs.

Tickets are $45, available now at the Fremont County Fair Office topurchase or by visiting the Fair & Rodeo Tabunder ticket order form. Standing room is available next to the stage in the arena, with seating in the grandstand.

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