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Jul 30, 2013 Staff

The Westernaires precision equestrian team performed Saturday in Dubois, but it wasn't the only quick-stepping horse-and-rider group on display over the weekend. Debbie Kister's Rockin' K Riding Stable dazzled parade judges and spectators with a fun routine at the intersection of Main and Broadway.

The pink safety helmets added to the crowd-pleasing of the expert presentation, but they were there only as a precaution -- these kids were good.


Winning the fair's first-ever caramel apple contest Saturday was Lisa Speyer. The event replaced the pie contest this year. County commissioners always got to judge the pies, but this year they get to preside over both the candied apples and the new cheesecake competition.

Commissioners Larry Allen and Doug Thompson dropped by the ice-cream contest as well, and neither was complaining about the good-tasting change of schedule.


Things at the fairgrounds were getting going slowly Saturday afternoon ahead of the full opening on Sunday, but visitors to the fairgrounds midway who were there got an unexpected bonus -- the sound check by the Oak Ridge Boys in the grandstand arena.

People strolling outside the arena couldn't see what was going on inside, but the audio was perfect, and the lucky ones at the grounds for other reasons got a full-volume mini-concert hours before the 'Boys took the stage for their show that evening.


Parade superintendent Mary Ellen Christensen wasn't a stickler for absolute accuracy in the pre-planed parade lineup Saturday morning. Safety was more important.

A two-person crew was installed near the top of "high school hill" to help ensure safe travel down the slope. They were equipped with signs reading "stop" and "slow."

One decorated pickup truck fell out of its place in line, and the driver encountered a cheery Christensen as he zoomed around on her four-wheelers.

"That's all right," she said to the wayward driver. "Just make sure you get down the hill safely."


It took two hands for one lunchtime diner Saturday to handle the big barbecue burred he had purchased at Jeff and Fleff's food stand on the midway.

How was that burger?

"A little messy, but really good," he said between bites.

The full food array was in place Monday, complete with Indian tacos, snow cones, fried s'mores, pizza and much more, along with the full concession stand under the grandstand for both nights of PRCA rodeo Monday and Tuesday.

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