Sen. Enzi is from Wyoming, and he is not a 'show-off'

Jul 30, 2013 Diana Plantt, Riverton


I promise to examine the important issues to me and to Wyoming in the upcoming primary election for U.S. Senator between Sen. Mike Enzi and former Vice President Cheney's daughter, Liz.

But from the get-go I expect to support Sen. Enzi beginning with one big reason: He is from Wyoming.

Liz Cheney has lived in Virginia for most of her life. Now she bought a condo, or whatever, in Jackson, and so she's ready to be our senator? She should run in Virginia if she wants to be in the Senate.

There is no reason to vote Sen. Mike Enzi out of office. He has been good for Wyoming and our people. I like him because he isn't a show-off always trying to get himself on TV. Maybe something will come up in the election to change my mind, but I don't think so.

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