Volunteers do their good work everywhere you look

Jul 30, 2013 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

Seems like July may be the month of the volunteer. That's a good thing.

Everywhere we've turned this month, it has been refreshing to see folks helping folks.

At Riverton's recently hosted district Little League tournament, there were field workers before the event, scorekeepers, announcers, tournament administrators, umpires, concessions stand servers, and clean-up crews. The list goes on and on.

During Riverton Rendezvous activities, our local friends were out helping with the cars, fireworks, balloons and park vendors.

During the concerts in the park, volunteers were playing while we enjoyed their talents.

Last Saturday, high school kids from the Key Club and the Riverton High School girls basketball team, along with their coach, got up very early to lend a helping hand to the Go Fremont County triathlon and running events. The student volunteers, along with their older colleagues, were key to making sure all the participants were happy and safe while they confidently helped swimmers, bikers, walkers and runners, many years older than themselves, stay on course.

Also last week, a very nice active community volunteer stopped by the office to see whether we needed any more hot dog buns for our events because the Christian Food Storehouse actually had too many that day. She also wanted to make sure that we could keep up-to-date with all of the activities the Friends of the Library plan for us.

Scout leaders took their troops to summer camp. Church leaders helped make sure kids made it to and from Church Camp.

This week at the Fremont County Fair, volunteers are everywhere, and there are countless other examples in our county where people are just helping out.

Not everyone who helps with events is a volunteer. Some are paid, and that's OK.

The triathlon that we helped sponsor Saturday wouldn't have worked if the pool staff hadn't set up the Riverton Aquatic Center, or if the custodians hadn't been so active, or the RHS activities office so accommodating. Certainly our participants wouldn't have been as safe without the lifeguards, Riverton Police Department and Fremont County Sheriff's office making sure the pool was ready and intersections safely passable by speeding cyclists and fatigued runners.

Certainly the Fremont County Fair, arguably the state's best, wouldn't be the event it has been for the last 100 years without its professional staff.

But at the core of many, many public events -- some athletic, some cultural, some designed to help our friends in need, and some just plain fun -- are supportive volunteers.

They come from everywhere. Service groups and individuals say, "How can I help?"

If you haven't pitched in lately, ask yourself where you can lend a hand.

Our community will be much, much better if you do.

Have a great sports week! Go Big Red!

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