U.S. has 'caved in to perversion'

Jul 31, 2013 Tom Lindsey, Cheyenne


Those on whom we depend to ensure justice in, and survival for, our American culture have caved into perversion.

They have betrayed and sabotaged the basic strength of America --the family of a man, a woman and her children, in favor of homosexuals.

Homo means "the same." Nature, in its concern for survival and elevation to a higher level of humanity, developed a clear difference between a man and a woman.

Man has developed up to the highest level of animal life with the ability to choose behavior. Abuse and betrayal of the laws of nature and humanity eventually will come home to roost with destructive consequences that would be extracted.

Everyone has equal rights to marry anyone of the opposite sex. Homosexuals demand special treatment outside the bounds of our culture and society.

Anyone can legally transfer matters to others. The most serious consequence is that homosexuals avoid the responsibility to produce a future citizens to preserve and sustain American culture, which is the greatest ever devised.

Normal sex is accepted. Homosexuals should divulge their practices so that citizens may decide if we want to accept what they do and want to relate candidates who support their perversion.

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