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Post-World War II situation in Ukraine 'begs reflection'

Aug 1, 2013 - Marian Bellinger, Riverton


It's well to remember when drawing out Ukrainians as Nazi guards, are you hearing it right?

Israel protects its Nazi guards who performed all the same functions.

Reading about Ukraine in World War II is riveting. Now free to do so, archival evidence masses up, showing how Ukraine was already being emptied of her native population to "make room" for the conquerors

Millions more were to have been "disappeared" had the war gone another way.

Was it better that Russia streamed back in with her usual disinformation carried out until this day, covering up their own acts and slapping "war criminal" status on Ukraine?

And western allies giving western Ukrainian lands to Poland to annex and the resultant bloodshed which is today being reported as Ukrainians killing Polish settlements?

It begs reflection.

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