Riverton revises fence height ordinances for homeowners

Aug 7, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton City Council has updated the city's ordinances regarding fence height on private property.

During their regular meeting July 16, city council members agreed to change the maximum height of fences that are parallel to a street or right-of-way and are within 8 feet of the property line.

The previous municipal code required that the height of fences not exceed 42 inches. City staff explained to the council that fencing materials are more standard at 48 inches and that the city also requires day care facilities to have a minimum height of 48 inches on their fences.

Another section of the municipal code said fences cannot be taller than 6 feet unless a civil or professional engineer has stamped its design. The council amended that code to say fences cannot be taller than 7 feet without approval.

Also, property owners who wish to replat two properties into one now do not have to apply for a variance each time. If both properties have the same ownership and are on the same deed, city staff said money and time can be saved for both the property owner and city as long as no easements are on the common property line between the lots.

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