Was the pie contest really canceled at county fair?

Aug 11, 2013 Debbie Friedrich, Riverton


Were my eyes deceiving me, or did I truly read that the Fremont County fair did away with the annual pie contest this year?

You have got to be kidding me. This supposedly was the 100th Fremont County fair, I have not been around for all of them, but I will bet you that there has been a pie baking contest at every single one of them until this year. It is a wonderful tradition.

I would like to ask who had this bright idea. Someone told me at the fairgrounds that the pie contest had been replaced by a candy caramel apple contest, or a cheesecake contest. Could that be true?

If there is a good reason to cancel the pie contest, then whoever decided to do it should stand up and say why.

To me, it would be the same thing as calling off beef showmanship or market lamb competition.

The pies were a very important and traditional part of our fair, with the county commissioners judging them every year and then all the pies served in the lunchroom through fair week.

This terrible idea should be erased, and the pie contest brought back next year with no questions asked.

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