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County rancher Herbst on list of Liz Cheney advisers

Aug 13, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The Republican is campaigning against three-term Sen. Mike Enzi.

Longtime Fremont County rancher Lois Herbst has been included in a list of advisers for Liz Cheney's U.S. Senate campaign.

Cheney announced her intention to run for office last month. She will be campaigning against three-term Sen. Mike Enzi.

Herbst said she first met Liz Cheney in 2011 during an event honoring Cheney's mother, Lynne.

"Liz came over and joined our table and introduced her children to my grandkids," Herbst said. "We discussed issues affecting ranchers, and from then on I started visiting with her about problems that we face here in Wyoming."

They've been in contact since then, Herbst said, and when Cheney asked her to be a member of her advisory committee, Herbst was "happy to do it."

She said Cheney included her on the list of advisers because Herbst is a Republican with a "good reputation" throughout the state. Among her many achievements, Herbst was the first woman elected by permittees to serve on the Lander District of the Wyoming State Grazing Board, and she was the first and only woman president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.


The 80-year-old doesn't plan to campaign for Cheney, but she does think Wyoming would benefit from a more conservative representative in Congress.

"We need more pushback against the policies of President (Barack) Obama," Herbst said. "Sen. Enzi has been a good senator for us, but he does want to cooperate more (with the Democrats). I can't see where you can cooperate with the Democrats when they have the agenda they have now."

She said Democratic leadership has been "eradicating our liberties in this country," and in Wyoming specifically.

"You cannot believe all the regulations that have been written managing what we do in ranching alone," Herbst said. "(And) the percentage of wells being drilled on federal lands in Wyoming, or in any of our western states, is quite low compared to what it could be. It's overregulation by the government."

She said Wyoming's current federal delegation hasn't produced "the changes we need," and although Enzi has a strong base of support in the state, Herbst said Cheney will become more and more popular as she continues to campaign.

"What I find is when people meet her, she listens," Herbst said. "She answers them. She sort of has a wholesome, captivating manner."

Cheney also has ties to Fremont County, Herbst added; Cheney's great-grandfather was a homesteader near Lysite. Cheney has a home in Jackson now, and Herbst said Cheney's children are enrolled in school there.

"She's all over the state and has been for a couple of years now (with) people asking her to speak and so forth," Herbst said.

Cheney was in Riverton on Friday attending the beef show at the Fremont County Fair, and Herbst said Cheney was in Dubois last week for the National Day of the Cowboy. Cheney also had a booth at Day in the Park last month in Riverton.

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