Happy about Job Corps? Then vote for Sen. Mike Enzi in '14

Aug 16, 2013 Ken Shandlee, Riverton


Anyone who is happy about the new Job Corps Center coming to Riverton should vote for Mike Enzi for re-election to the Senate.

I have seen Liz Cheney on TV criticizing the president, and she is pretty good at doing that. But what has she every really done for Wyoming, especially when compared to Mike Enzi?

It is more than Job Corps. He has a long list of good things he has done for Wyoming that he can show to anybody who might be undecided about the primary next year. (It is too early for all of this, in my opinion, but we had better speak up now that the candidates have announced.)

I agree with someone who wrote a letter to the editor recently. There is no good reason to replace Mike Enzi in the Senate, and there a lots of good reasons to keep him there.

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