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Victims didn't get a plea deal

Aug 20, 2013 - Bernard Beatty, Riverton


Well, it looks like the last one of the five people in the "Hudson homicide" case where the two innocent people were killed in their trailer home is going to wrap up right where the other four did, that is, with a plea bargain where they don't ever have to face a jury and full punishment.

I think the only reason they are trying to get the youngest kid qualified as an adult is to scare him into taking a plea bargain like the others got.

I have watched "Law and Order" on TV, so I know these plea bargains are standard operating procedure a lot of the time nowadays, though it sure doesn't satisfy the sense of justice very well.

Those killers and conspirators are sure getting off a lot easier than their victims did. They didn't give their victims a plea bargain, did they?

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