Critics carrying the day

Aug 21, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

If there are supporters of a single director for the county museums, they are keeping quiet.

On the single-director concept for the county's museum department, it's fair to say that those in county officialdom still have some work to do in making their case to the public.

Any change is bound to meet some criticism, so the one-director idea is not unusual in that way. But so far there don't seem to be many supporters of the idea to speak of, other than those in high places of county government.

Sometimes our leaders really do know best. We elect our office holders to make decisions in the public interest, and they usually have close-up knowledge of an issue that the rest of us don't. Perhaps this is one of those cases.

Still, the critics are more than holding their own. Letters to the editor are by no means the only way to judge public opinion -- and backers of this idea had better hope not. So far, our mailbag from general readers has been 100 percent against the proposal. Another letter critical of the idea will appear Sunday.

We have reported and published numerous articles about the museum situation, including on Tuesday, giving those who lean toward the one-director model ample space to explain the basis for this possible change.

Remember, this idea didn't come from nowhere. Its proponents are proposing it for a reason, and there are those in the Fremont County Commission chambers, and perhaps other high places, who favor it.

But if the premise of appointing a single director for the county museums system while replacing the three museum directors with a lower-paid "curator" position has supporters among the general public, they are keeping silent. Meanwhile, critics of the idea are numerous and vocal -- and an idea with few supporters and many critics isn't often the sort that succeeds.

Perhaps the backers are out there. If so, they ought to speak up now.


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