Man's life was worth more than a four-month sentence

Aug 21, 2013 The Whiteplume, Dewey and Crazythunder families


On July 28, 2011, our brother, nephew and grandson, Alvin Lee Talks Different, was hit by a man in a truck and was killed. He lay just outside of Beaver Creek housing for two days before his body was discovered. His body was so damaged the coroner could not identify him.

He had been drinking that night and was walking and was hit by this man, Jerry Don Fuller, who didn't even stop to check on him, to call for help, or give medical assistance.

My brother lay there injured, maybe still alive, to suffer, die and eventually decompose.

This man who killed my brother walks this earth free and with his family after only four months to be served and one year of probation.

Is this what my brother's life is worth? Maybe to the society which we live in, a cold, cruel place where his children have to grow up without him.

So what if it was an accident, and so what if Alvin was drinking? There is no justice in this crime. What about his children? What about his family who loves him very much and thinks of him every day? Where is our justice?

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