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Aug 21, 2013 - Staff



Bruce A. Parrill, 73, formerly of Lander, died Monday, Aug. 12, at his home in Laramie. A memorial service will be at 11 ...

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Deaths PARRILL Bruce A. Parrill, 73, formerly of Lander, died Monday, Aug. 12, at his home in Laramie. A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 24, at Montgomery-Stryker Funeral Home in Laramie. Community calendar AUG. 23 Freshman Ignite Day is 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Riverton High School, 2001 W. Sunset Drive, Riverton. Wyo State Trappers Association Trapping and Outdoor Expo is Aug. 23 to Aug. 24 at the Heritage Hall and Little Wind Center at the Fremont County Fairgrounds, 1010 Fairgrounds Drive, Riverton. Live demonstrations will be given by Les Johnson, world champion predator caller; John Graham and Tom Krause, bobcat duel; Brian DeBolt, grizzly bear trapping; Tracy Frye, wolf trapping; Jim Pearce, underwater beaver trapping; and Dave Fowler, fur handling. For more information, contact Alan Sinner at 850-6034, 856-6352 or photograph2006@yahoo.com. Emergency calls In Riverton Police Department reports Tuesday to Wednesday morning: - Cordell Washington, 39, of Riverton, was arrested for breach of peace at about 5 a.m. Wednesday in the 800 block of Rainbow Drive. Officials said he was screaming and smacking a car in front of an apartment building there. Alcohol reportedly was involved in the incident, which stemmed from a verbal argument. In Fremont County Sheriff's Office reports Tuesday to Wednesday morning: - Robert Burress, 34, of Lander, was arrested on a warrant out of Sweetwater County at about 4:50 p.m. Tuesday at U.S. Highway 26 and Airport Road west of Riverton. - Tracey Cleveland, 44, of Lander, was arrested on a Fremont County warrant for contempt of court at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 1300 block of Main Street in Lander. - Lavena Laster, 49, of Shoshoni, was arrested on two Fremont County warrants --for failure to appear and for probation revocation --at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 600 block of West Adams Avenue in Riverton. - During this timeframe, the Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center has taken 74 calls for service. County ambulances were dispatched 14 times, and area fire departments responded to three calls for help. Six people were booked into the Fremont County Detention Center for charges, including one alcohol-related charge and nine misdemeanor charges. The center currently is responsible for 160 inmates, including 149 at the facility, eight in substance abuse treatment programs, one on home detention and two elsewhere. Land sales - Grantor: SNYDER PAMELA S Legal: Sub/Mine: VIRGINIA DALE ADD AMENDED PLAT RI Lot: 6 Block... Grantee: WARREN KAYLA2013-1364743 - Grantor: LINDSEY THOMAS A, LINDSEY JANET L Legal: Sub/Mine: BRASEL ADD RI Lot: 12 Block: 1 City: RIVERTON, Sub/Mine: BRASEL ADD RI Lot: 13 Block: 1 City: RIVERTON Grantee: ARCHER TIMOTHY J2013-1364782 - Grantor: NELSON GLEN LEE Legal: Quarter: SWNW Section: 5 Township: 1n Range: 3e Grantee: WEDERSKI REX A, WEDERSKI PATRICIA A2013-1364783 - Grantor: ARCHER TIMOTHY J, ARCHER RYAN Legal: Sub/Mine: MORNING MEADOWS SUB MI Lot: 5 City: MISCELLAN... Grantee: BARRY WAYNE A, BARRY AMANDA2013-1364747 - Grantor: YEATES GARTH , YEATES BARBARA R Legal: Sub/Mine: YEATES SUB MI Lot: 2 City: MISCELLANEOUS Grantee: CASSITY RYAN L, CASSITY MAYGEN Y2013-1364746 - Grantor: YEATES GARTH , YEATES BARBARA R Legal: Sub/Mine: YEATES SUB MI Lot: 4 City: MISCELLANEOUS Grantee: YEATES GARTH N JR, YEATES TARYN B2013-1364749 - Grantor: LEFFLER ELIZABETH S TRUSTEE, LEFFLER FAMILY TRUST Legal: Sub/Mine: INTERMOUNTAIN ADD RI Lot: 14 Block: 1 City: R... Grantee: MARTINSEN GREGORY A, HERNANDEZ JUDI L2013-1364748 - Grantor: MITCHELL LAURIE LEIGH Legal: Sub/Mine: WEST VIEW PARK ADD #1 DU Lot: 69 City: DUBOIS Grantee: COOK MICHAEL W, COOK MARY KAY2013-1364790 - Grantor: OVERCAST DIRK, OVERCAST SHERYL Legal: Quarter: SW Section: 28 Township: 42n Range: 107w Grantee: HUTCHISON JOSEF, O BRIEN MEGAN2013-1364789 - Grantor: HENDERSON NATALIE FAE Legal: Sub/Mine: PRIDEAUX ESTATE ADD LA Lot: 2 Block: 2 City: ... Grantee: MARPLE WILLIAM PERRY II, MARPLE ANITA S2013-1364792 - Grantor: CONILOGUE JACOB , CAMPBELL COLLEEN ANNE, CONILOGUE COLLEEN ANNE Legal: Sub/Mine: ACCOLA ADD LA Lot: 15 Block: 4 City: LANDER Grantee: CONILOGUE JACOB , CONILOGUE COLLEEN ANNE2013-1364797 - Grantor: LEGATO LARRY D, LEGATO KIMBERLEY Legal: Sub/Mine: SPRIGGS 1ST ADD LA Lot: 2 Block: 3 City: LANDER Grantee: SMART ROBERT2013-1364853 - Grantor: CANNING EVELYN K, CANNING EVELYN KAY Legal: Sub/Mine: FOX PARK SUB REPLAT MI Lot: 10A City: MISCELL... Grantee: COPELAND MATTHEW A, COPELAND KARLY N2013-1364860 - Grantor: TAMMANY MAXINE L Legal: Quarter: SENE Section: 24 Township: 33N Range: 100W Grantee: HALLOCK LEVI, HALLOCK CHELYNNE2013-1364884 - Grantor: MOBLEY DAVID L, MOBLEY AUBREY A Legal: Sub/Mine: PAVILLION ORIGINAL TOWN OF MI Lot: 6 Block: 7 ..., Sub/Mine: PAVILLION ORIGINAL TOWN OF MI Lot: 7 Block: 7 ..., Sub/Mine: PAVILLION ORIGINAL TOWN OF MI Lot: 8 Block: 7 ... Grantee: SELVIG RYAN M, SELVIG MARISSA J2013-1364882 - Grantor: MERRILL ROBERT DANIEL, MERRILL LAURA LEE Legal: Sub/Mine: RIVERVIEW TERRACE REPLAT LOTS 12,13,14,BLK 16 ... Grantee: LAGOIS TERESA2013-1364880 - Grantor: LAGOIS TERESA Legal: Sub/Mine: DAVIS ADD RI Lot: 4 City: RIVERTON Grantee: BUSS KAYLA2013-1364879 - Grantor: COOPER STEVEN R, COOPER KARI A Legal: Sub/Mine: RIVERTON ORIGINAL TOWN OF RI Lot: 20 Block: 10... Grantee: WIND RIVER ENTERPRISES LLC2013-1364888 - Grantor: PEASLEY FRANK D Legal: Sub/Mine: VALLEY SPRINGS SUB RESUB OF LOT 3 MI Lot: 3A ... Grantee: CRAIN MICHAEL C2013-1364886 - Grantor: MENZIES JEFF Legal: Sub/Mine: WESTSIDE ADDITION SH Lot: 12 Block: 18 City: ... Grantee: NAK PROPERTIES LLC2013-1364890 - Grantor: MANLEY CRAIG LEWIS CO TRUSTEE, MANLEY CHRIS ANN CO TRUSTEE, MANLEY TRUST Legal: Sub/Mine: RIVERVIEW HEIGHTS 1ST ADD RI Lot: 26 City: RI... Grantee: VUKICH JEREMY J, VUKICH MELISSA2013-1364900 - Grantor: SANDERS JAMES A, SANDERS LATISHA Legal: Sub/Mine: WARM SPRINGS MOUNTAIN 1ST ADD DU Lot: 13 City... Grantee: SANDERS JAMES ANTHONY TRUSTEE, SANDERS LATISHA SCOTT TRUSTEE, SANDERS REVOCABLE TRUST2013-1364904 - Grantor: SPUR ENTERPRISES INC Legal: Quarter: SWNW Section: 17 Township: 33N Range: 99W Grantee: CLARK RICKY D, CLARK BARBARA I2013-1364903 - Grantor: WHITEHEAD BETSY, KRISE DAVID A Legal: Sub/Mine: SPRIGGS 1ST ADD LA Lot: 11 Block: 3 City: LAN... Grantee: KRISE DAVID A 2013-1364939 - Grantor: EVANS ARLENE G Legal: Quarter: SWSE Section: 23 Township: 3N Range: 1E Grantee: HAMPTON STEPHEN C H, HAMPTON ERIN D2013-1364931 - Grantor: WALKER BETH M TRUSTEE, WALKER FAMILY LIVING TRUST Legal: Sub/Mine: BRASEL ADD RI Lot: 5 Block: 1 City: RIVERTON Grantee: RICHARDSON C WARREN2013-1364936 Streamflows The Wyoming State Engineer's Office report on stream flows, reservoir levels and canal diversions in the Wind River Basin as of Tuesday, Aug. 20, are as listed in the first column. The readings for Monday, Aug. 19, are in the second column. Measurements are in cubic feet per second unless otherwise stated. Wind River near Dubois 71 71 Dinwoody Creek above Lakes 256 247 Bull Lake Creek above Bull Lake N/A N/A Bull Lake Creek near Lenore 1,040 1,060 Wind River near Crowheart 1,520 1,550 Wind River near Kinnear 367 371 Wind River at Riverton 40 33 Little Popo Agie River near Lander 41 42 Little Wind River near Riverton 52 51 Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni 249 250 Wind River below Boysen Reservoir 1,050 1,050 Marriage applications - Groom: KISELEWSKI NATHAN EDWIN Bride: HORTON REGINA LYNN - Groom: HAGEN DAWSON DWAYNE Bride: CERONEY KAYLA MARIE Marriage certificates - Groom: ADDISON ROBERT LOUIS Bride: TIDZUMP JERI DENISE - Groom: PFEIFFER CARL NORMAN Bride: EVANS WENDY ANN

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