Tuesday notes

Mar 27, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Getting ahead of ourselves

Record and near-record high temperatures in recent days across the Wind River Basin have the dormant landscape stirring weeks ahead of its normal time frame.

It's a bit disconcerting to see the hopa crabapples leafing and budding in March. The same goes for the cottonwoods and lilacs, which are swelling as if it's May Day.

All could be well and good, of course, so long as we don't get another hard freeze, say, in the teens or lower. It's one thing for green plants to get nipped late in the season. Having it happen before the season has even begun would be a shame.

Pilfering papers

To the well-dressed man driving the fancy new Ford pickup who stole almost all of the newspapers from The Ranger news rack outside Smith's Food and Drug on Friday, you were witnessed.

A responsible -- and law-abiding -- citizen saw you, noted your face, your nice suit and your nice truck, wrote down your license number, and reported it to us.

Unless you put 60 quarters in the slot, this is a crime. We take it seriously. Expect to make the acquaintance of a police officer soon.

Thou in Dow

Last week wasn't so good for our ongoing "Thou in the Dow" investment experiment. After the stock market tanked in August, when credit agencies lowered the credit rating of the United States, there was doubt about the health of blue-chip stocks as an investment. So we imagined a $1,000 investment in an equally imaginary fund based on the daily rise or fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

After last week's mild losses, the market took a nice jump Monday, and that $1,000 would be worth $1,158.49 as of Tuesday morning.

We're working this week to finalize preparations for establishing a subscriber system for our newly remodeled website, If you are a Ranger subscriber now, then you'll be a full-access subscriber to com as well, without having to do anything other than remember a subscriber number that we will provide. The full subscription will provide access to the news, obituary and photo archive in addition to the daily print and online edition.

If you'd like the website only, there will be a subscription for that as well. We'll also offer a couple of other options as well, including a free-access mode that provides headlines and a few other features.

Watch for full details during the first week of April.

Cheney's heart

Wyoming's Dick Cheney, the former Vice President of the United States, on Saturday got the heart transplant he had been needing after a 20-month wait on the recipient list.

On page 5 of today's Ranger, you can read about the debate over whether a 71-year-old man is too old to receive a heart transplant when a younger person is waiting as well.

It makes for an interesting discussion, but every indication is that this was a by-the-book transaction, so to speak.

Photographs of the former Wyoming congressman over the past couple of years demonstrate clearly that the wait took a powerful toll on him physically. Obviously this has been a trying ordeal. Cheney's many constituents in Wyoming wish him well.

Woods a winner

Tiger Woods is in the winner's circle. He won the big Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday, his first PGA Tour victory since 2009. He's been through a meat grinder, both with his body and his personal life, and some wondered whether he could still win.

But Woods has been too good for too long not to taste victory. Love him or hate him, don't be surprised if he stays on the winning path for a good long while now that he's found his way back.

Final Four

Here's is a direct transcription of a paragraph printed in this space one week ago, when there were 16 teams left in the NCAA men's basketball tournament field: "This is the time of year when everyone pretends to be an expert on college basketball, so here's a quarter to consider for the Final Four -- Kansas, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Louisville."

Have you noticed how prognosticators love to remind you when they get things even a little bit right but never say a word when they are off the mark? This is one of those times. The Final Four: Kansas, Ohio State, Louisville and Kentucky.

Three out of four ain't bad. Kentucky to win it all.

Here's to a good week.

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