Non-profit to partner with business to support schools

Aug 22, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

A non-profit organization is helping businesses connect with their local public schools and set up a way to help teachers in the classroom. One Percent for Public Schools was founded by Steve Boyd, a former public school teacher who taught English and history for eight years in Jackson. He said the organization rewards businesses for helping the schools that may need extra books or other items.

"We know this won't fix all the problems with our public school system, but we know that we can have a major impact," Boyd said. "We will put the money in the hands of the people who know how to enhance the learning environment --the teachers."

1 percent

Through the organization, businesses can agree to donate 1 percent of their annual profit after expenses to the non-profit, Boyd said. The organization then contacts the school or teacher, who will decide how to spend the money. The organization purchases the items and ships them directly to the teacher.

For the donation, businesses become members and get exclusive rights to the One Percent for Public School's logo. Boyd gave the example that if a realtor became a member, she could use the logo on all of her listings, yard signs, website, brochures, e-mails or other marketing and promotional campaigns.

Boyd said this can help the business with its company brand and attract customer loyalty. When tax season comes around, the donation can be written off as a charitable donation or a marketing expense. Individuals also can make donations and will be recognized as friends of One Percent for Public Schools.

"Public schools get the learning materials they so desperately need," he said. "The model of cause marketing is proven. One Percent for the Planet has raised over 50 million for the past 10 years."

More recently, Boyd was a teacher in California and he has based the non-profit organization out of Santa Cruz, Calif.

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