Volunteers, performers, patrons all made River Walk a succes

Aug 23, 2013 By Karen Peden, Riverton


During a conversation one day, someone asked of a new resident, "Why on Earth would you move to Riverton, Wyo., except for work?"

During the summer, and particularly in July, we had a lot of fun things to do here in the area. During the Riverton Rendezvous one of them is the Rails to Trails Music on the River Walk, a totally voluntary service.

I am particularly grateful to all the musicians and others who took their time and expense to present a fun and enjoyable evening. While calling for volunteers, I had no shortage. We had several first-time presenters, and it was fun to have them. In fact there were many who wanted to participate but could not because of vacations, work or hospitalization.

Our grandchildren are particularly grateful to those who operate the game stations and Glen Larsen, who makes the balloon creations for them.

They always look forward to the fun.Combined, there are a lot of hours of service to our community.

In addition to the presenters, I am grateful for the patrons for their support. All the work would be for nothing if no one came to enjoy it.

We have so many good people here who were willing to help during benefits or activities such as River Walk. Riverton is a great place to live because of that. Thanks again to all the presenters and the patrons of the River Walk.

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