Why is one museum director an improvement over three?

Aug 25, 2013 Ann Rowner, Riverton


Please explain to me how having one director for all the museums would be a better idea. The problem is not with the museums each having a separate director in Lander, Dubois and Riverton, it is finding the right people to be the museum directors.

This county has got to get better at hiring people for these important jobs, Look at how it went with the one library director, and how many fair directors there have been over the past 10 years. Is this our example of how it would work with one museum director? No thank you.

We are a conservative county of mostly Republicans, so why do we want this central control? Sounds like something Stalin or Castro would like.

That's a little strong, and I really don't mean to compare the two things. But the concept of one more bureaucrat sitting in an office in Lander (which is where we all know it would be) doesn't sound to me like what our museum system needs. Again, someone please explain why this is necessary.

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