Roseno wants to see fastpitch in high school

Aug 25, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Riverton High School junior Andrea Roseno is a supporter of making girls fastpitch a high school-sanctioned sport in Wyoming.

Roseno is playing this weekend in the second annual Riverton High School Fastpitch Invitational.

Games started on Saturday morning at the Martha and Everett softball fields.

"If we got fastpitch in high school, I think that a lot more people would be willing to play," Roseno said. "We would have a lot more people ready to tryout. In the school would be so much better. Since there aren't very many teams, that is why the schools haven't put it in yet."

The tournament will end on Sunday afternoon. The bracket is a round robin format.

"I love fastpitch a lot," Roseno said. "Fastpitch is my favorite sport."

Roseno started playing fastpitch when she was 8.

"I just remember loving making the plays," Roseno said.

She also plays basketball at RHS.

Riverton manager Mark Stone is impressed by Roseno's dedication to the sport of fastpitch.

"She is a player that doesn't miss practice," Stone said. "She has improved a lot."

Stone said he believes it will be three or four more years before Wyoming will add fastpitch as a sanctioned sport.

"We have four towns that are represented here this weekend," Stone said.

Rock Springs, Gillette and Casper were the other teams in Riverton.

"Riverton and Rock Springs are struggling to field varsity teams," Stone said.

Rock Springs has nine players, and Riverton fielded 11 on the roster.

"We are by far and away the youngest varsity team here," Stone said.

Stone wants fastpitch to be a fall sport.

"In the fall, you would start the weekend before Labor Day and go through early October," Stone said. "In the spring, you just don't know."

Roseno is left-hander

Roseno is the only left-hander in the lineup for Riverton.

"It's kind of hard when the coach is teaching everybody, and I have to learn to do it backwards," Roseno said. "I have learned to deal with it and just let it be."

Roseno plays first base and outfield.

She pitched on Saturday in the first game of the tournament.

"You have to have everything perfect.

Otherwise, it's just not going to work out," Roseno said.

Riverton practices three times a week for the fall season.

"We need that left-handed stick in the lineup," Stone said. "She wants to be the best that she can be and that is important."

National experience

Roseno spent the latter part of this summer playing in the Western Amateur Softball Association of America Under-18 tournament in Salem, Ore., for the U.S. Energy traveling team.

Riverton played a team from Oregon, Washington and Alaska in the tournament.

"It was a new experience for me," Roseno said. "I have never done it before. It was so much fun to go and play so much better teams."

Riverton qualified for nationals after placing third at the state tournament.

"There were a lot more people in the stands than our games in Wyoming," Roseno said. "They were all cheering for us. It was great to see so many people. We were nervous, but we got better."

Stone is the manager of the U.S. Energy team.

"I really enjoy playing on U.S. Energy," Roseno said. "The players are just awesome. They all love to be around each other. We love to pick each other up when we are down."

Riverton tournament

Riverton opened up the tournament Saturday morning pounding the Casper junior varsity team 23-7.

"We played well in the first game of the tournament," Stone said.

"We hit the ball well. We made some good plays."

The Gillette varsity team blanked Riverton 15-0 in the second game.

"They were pretty intimidated that second varsity game against Gillette," Stone said.

"They are just not ready to play at the varsity level yet, but we will get there."

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