Tuesday notes

Aug 27, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

No more 90?

Here is a seasonal question we like to ask this time of year: Are our 90-degree days over for the year? Weather watchers know it's rare to hit 90 or warmer after Labor Day weekend, which arrives in a few days, but it certainly is possible and has happened many times in the past.

We've had hot weather again in recent days, and the most-current weather forecast says we could well see the big Nine-O a couple of times this week as August winds down.

Swelter away, everybody.

Labor Day

Newspaper housekeeping, Labor Day style: The Ranger and Ranger Printers will be closed Monday, Sept. 2, in observance of Labor Day, which is a national holiday.

The day off won't affect our regular publication schedule. We'll be in print as usual Sunday, Sept. 1. Monday isn't a normal publication day for us anyway, but the office will be closed.

Also, we will do a Ranger News Brief online and on the radio at FM 105.1 "The Pulse" on Labor Day.

We'll be back as usual Tuesday, Sept. 3 --with some new personnel to tell you about as well. Happy holiday.

Syria stress

The United States now is convinced that the Syrian government did, indeed, use chemical weapons on its own citizens earlier this month in a particularly ugly episode in what has been a reprehensible couple of years.

Does this constitute Syria's crossing of the "red line" that President Barack Obama repeatedly has told Syria --and the world --that the United States would not tolerate? The talk from Washington this week is ominous.

Five in the 500

A winter and spring and half of a summer now have passed since we invited readers to follow along as we imagined what a $500 one-time investment in the Standard & Poor's 500 index would do over a year's time. We used Obama's second inauguration Jan. 21 as the starting point.

Growth has slowed from the greyhound pace of the first six months of the experiment, but the S&P posted another gain last week. As of Tuesday morning, that fictional $500 would have been worth $575.11.

Fair scrapbook

Why have the Fremont County Fair Scrapbook edition wait until Sept. 11, more than a month after the fair's conclusion? Here's why: A 4-H club inquired Monday about running a group of ads recognizing its members and thanking supporters from the livestock sale, and club members wanted to know if there is still time to advertise.

Yes, there is still time. The advertising deadline for the Fremont County Fair Scrapbook is Sept. 6.

Hallowed ground

Wyoming ought to applaud efforts to get a national veterans cemetery in the state.

There are nearly 150 of them in the nation, but none in Wyoming.

These facilities hold deep significance for the nation --think Arlington National or Gettysburg National --as well as providing for lasting recognition and serving as final resting places for deserving veterans of a state or region. They can be offered as burial sites for notable leaders from the state as well.

A new push from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs could lead to site selection and development of Wyoming's new national cemetery. Let's get behind this, everybody.

Sweet swinging

What a start to the season the Riverton High School boys golf team had over the weekend, edging defending Class 4-A state champ Casper Kelly Walsh in the opening tournament of the fall at the Riverton Country Club. Three freshmen --yes, freshmen --paced the Wolverine swingers, with key contributions from a couple of upperclassmen as well.

That's what any program needs --balance from top to bottom, from grade to grade, from the experienced to the less experienced, from the older to the younger.

This could be the start of a fun fall rivalry among the state's top high school golf programs --and it looks as if Riverton High School definitely is one of those.

Keep it in the short grass, boys, and here's to a good week.


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