Hill did a good job, and costly investigations are a waste

Aug 27, 2013 Lowell Ray Anderson, Cody

When a change is made in an office, there are some employees who will not like it. When you take a bureaucracy and change it into a working office, as Superintendent Cindy Hill did with the Wyoming Department of Education, there are going to be a lot of unhappy employees.

Time after time elected officials declared that SF104, which removed the superintendent's powers and duties, was not personally directed at Ms. Hill. Apparently they were saving that for later.

At a cost to Wyoming taxpayers of $250,000, an audit of the Wyoming Department of Education was conducted. The department passed the audit with flying colors.

The MacPherson report was conducted at a cost to Wyoming taxpayers of more than $150,000. The MacPherson Report not only did not produce a smoking gun, it failed to identify any offenses that would justify an impeachment of the superintendent.

The most substantive item in theMacPhersonreport is that there were not enough plates, or was it cake, at a birthday party. Talk about High Crimes and Misdemeanors! That really takes the cake.

So, under Cindy Hill's tenure there were not enough plates at a party, causing hurt feelings.

During Cindy Hill's tenure, statewide average scores in math improved 9 percent and in reading improved 12 percent. Scores increased in every subject matter and grade level tested, something that had not occurred in decades.

Now another investigation is to take place with an estimated cost to tax payers of $100,000. Not overlooking anything, all appointees to the committee to oversee this latest investigation are legislative members who voted for Senate File 104 which stripped the state superintendent of most all authority.

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