Aug 28, 2013 The Associated Press

Auditor Cloud to run again

CHEYENNE -- State Auditor Cynthia Cloud says that if she is re-elected in 2014, she wants to continue improving a website that lists how and where state agencies are spending their money.

The Republican recently announced that she will seek a second term.

She said another priority for her in a second term would be overhauling the state's financial accounting system, which largely has been unchanged since 1991.

No challengers have emerged for Cloud so far.

Cloud became auditor after running unopposed in the general election after narrowly defeating Bruce Brown in the 2010 Republican primary.

The state auditor receives a $92,000 annual salary plus benefits.

Yellowstone fires not very smoky

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK -- Yellowstone National Park officials report that wildfires burning in the park aren't putting up much smoke.

The National Park Service says visitors have been finding good air quality and visibility in the park in recent days.

Clouds and rain have helped keep a lid on five wildfires burning within the park.

The fires have burned a combined 18 square miles. But they haven't affected any of the main visitor areas in the park and have been allowed to burn for the most part.

There's a chance for the weather to turn hotter and drier in the coming weeks, which could lead to an increase in fire activity. So firefighters have been taking measures to protect valuable resources and structures in the park.

Bank robbery suspect arrested

CHEYENNE -- Authorities have arrested a 56-year-old man in connection with a bank robbery in Lincoln County.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says the First National Bank in Afton was robbed late Monday afternoon and the suspect was caught without incident about 20 minutes later.

The patrol says the suspect entered the bank, demanded money and then left with an undisclosed amount of cash in a red Toyota pickup. Within minutes of the report a patrol trooper caught up to the red pickup and waited for backup officers to arrive.

The suspect's vehicle was stopped about 15 miles south of Afton and the arrest was made.

The patrol says officers recovered money that had been taken during the robbery as well as other items involved in the robbery.

It was not clear why the man's name was not released.

Family rescued from house fire

CASPER -- A family was rescued from a fire in Casper, but the four members are now homeless.

Two adults, two children and a family pet were rescued from the fire early Wednesday morning. Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control in about ten minutes but the home is not habitable.

The cause isn't known but investigators believe that the fire started in the house's garage.

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