Is it too late to save the United States?

Aug 28, 2013 Bill Johnson, Pinedale


The biggest question facing us today is not, "should I support the Republicans or the Democrats?" but rather, "Do we still have time to save our country?" In my opinion, with the exception of Reagan, we've lived through 25 to 50 years of mediocre to pitiful presidents and continuous corruption in government. The world now sees us as a bully and an evil empire. We seem to stand for nothing.

In Wyoming if the feds try and take our guns away it will make us angry and we will fight, but is that the only issue that will make us fight? What if our president agrees to bail out Detroit and 100 other broke cities, or California and other states with your hard-earned tax money? Will that make you angry?

What do you think about our own government spying on your phone calls, e-mails, text messages, your bank transactions, or a drone watching you make love in the mountains? Does that make you angry? How about the high costs of medical care?

When our political leaders lie on TV, does that make you angry? The silent majority in Germany allowed Hitler to rise to power, and 60 million died in World War II. Russia's silent majority allowed communism to sprout and kill 20 million of their own. In China it was over 70 million. Seriously now, should Muslim terrorists have any rights in our country?

If the gun issue is the only issue that will make us angry enough to fight, it might happen too late to save Old Glory and our grandkids' future.

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