One conviction, two plea deals so far in nine-person meth bust

Aug 30, 2013 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

Prosecutors on Thursday secured their first conviction as the result of a countywide methamphetamine bust in May.

Travis Fauque, 21, of Lander pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine in District Court in Lander.

"Between Feb. 14 and May 22 in Fremont County I agreed with Mr. (Timothy) Pitt that he would front me meth," Fauque told the judge. "I would sell it, giving him some of the profit, and I would use some because I was using at that time,"

District Court Judge for Fremont County Norman E. Young accepted Fauque's plea and convicted him of the felony charge.


The guilty plea was part of an agreement with prosecutors.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors agreed to ask that Fauque serve no more than 15 years in prison, according to Fauque's court-appointed lawyer, John Joseph Deleon.

Deleon will also be able to make a case for a shorter sentence.

The maximum sentence for conspiracy to deliver meth is 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Young will hear arguments regarding Fauque's sentence and make a decision on the issue at a later date.


Prosecutors have reached an agreement with a second defendant in the case, Lyle Haukaas. The Hudson man also is charged with one count of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Prosecutors met with Haukaas's lawyer and judge Young in a closed-door pretrial conference on Aug. 29. The defendant has a trial scheduled for Sept. 16, but deputy county attorney Thomas Majdic said the case wouldn't get that far.

"He is not going to have a trial," Majdic said in an interview after the conference. "He has accepted an agreement, but we're not going to go into details."


Seven other people in Fremont County were arrested on drug charges in connection with the alleged meth distribution ring headed by Pitt of Hudson. In documents filed in Fauque's and other cases, officials said they used confidential informants, wire taps and other surveillance methods to investigate the group.

"T. Pitt is heard over his Verizon home telephone directing Travis Fauque, Lyle Haukaas, Abigail White, Anthony Hernandez, Shene Springfield and Maria Vargas and others unnamed to come to T. Pitt's house for drugs; bring T. Pitt money; meet at various locations to pick up/drop off drugs and money," an affidavit in Fauque's case stated.

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