The believing family is the productive family

Aug 30, 2013 Marian Bellinger, Riverton


The planets have no creative function. Nothing is produced on them. Void means empty. And without form means without function. They are giants in space. Walking on them is dust.

The solar system is a crime scene. There is evidence of destruction. The Earth also was destroyed until God revived it. The only planet to be revived.

Our solar system reveals the Bible. He made something here, and we see it. It teems with life.

For all our thinking, we lack in understanding, comprehension. If the Bible doesn't tell you what you want to know, it leaves clues, and you can follow the trail. God is faithful. He keeps his promises. They may take long, but he keeps them. He fulfills them.

Maybe we don't know how titanic the struggle was between God's angels and saints, but it was titanic and now we see it here on Earth. Wars and rumors of wars. Wars in every home. The greatest peace is laying arms down before Christ. He promises to beat them into plowshares and pruning hooks.

The believing family is productive. They demonstrate "love your neighbor."

The Bible reads slow. Life is slow. 24-hour days. Not like the movies. It's a slow river, but it goes. And following it, knowledge is slowly gained.

Children walk. They talk. The grow and learn. It's that way everywhere. Uniformity is seen. It's predictable. They will grow up and produce families. The most successful family strives. Continuity.

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