'Tough times' make program cuts an easier job for officials

Feb 6, 2012 Pam Luerta Lander


I found the Jan. 22 editorial stimulating. It brought up a point that I have thought about as well, which is that elected politicians really seem to like it when they can claim times are tough and therefore they can cut funding for everything in sight without any fear of political backlash.

In this way, they don't have to take a stand on an issue or a policy but can just start slicing and dicing the budget.

But in that process they can defund things they don't like, which in Wyoming usually means social services programs that might help women, kids, minorites or the poor.

If you don't like programs like that, and in Wyoming most of our elected officials don't, having a "budget crunch" can be very convenient. No moral justification required. Just start cutting.

Actually, though, these programs are more necessary during hard times. It creates a vicious cycle.

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