Lander, Shoshoni meet in controlled scrimmage

Sep 3, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

No score was kept, and coaches acted as the officials.

Lander Valley High School football coach Doug Hughes didn't have to look far when Kemmerer pulled out of the week-zero game in the last minute.

Hughes called Shoshoni High School coach Tony Truempler and the pair worked everything out before Saturday morning.

The two Fremont County schools collided at Wolverine Field for almost two and half hours in a controlled scrimmage.

No score was kept. Coaches from both the schools were the acting officials.

"It was very fortunate for us that they had an open date," Hughes said. "I think that we did a lot of good for both teams. During the scrimmage, we worked out a lot of things so that it would be fair. We replayed plays where we made mistakes. "

Shoshoni is in the Class 1-A division this year. The Tigers play in 3-A.

"It worked out great for us," Truempler said. "It's nice to let these guys know that we can play a 3-A team. Lander is going to be a good team this year."

Truempler was named the head coach over the summer after being an assistant coach.

"It was a great first impression," Truempler said. "We are young. We had some little mistakes. I thought that we would be crisp on offense. I thought that we would struggle a little on defense, because we put a lot of practice time into offense."

Truempler said SHS stepped up on the defensive side of the ball.

"We found some starters on defense," Truempler said. "We were a little off on offense."


"We need to block a lot better," Hughes said. "We need to run harder. The receivers need to catch the ball. Our quarterbacks have to get them the ball when the receivers are open. We need to improve on every phase of the game."

During the scrimmage, Hughes played three different quarterbacks under center.

Andrew Von Rein, Jayson Simpson and Pete Spriggs took the snaps vs the Wranglers.

All three had a number of opportunities to put the ball into the air.

"It's nice to have a lot of depth at that position," Hughes said.

Von Rein was the starter last year for the Tigers.

"I think right now, it's still up for grabs," Hughes said. "I don't think that any quarterback has separated himself. We have to go back in practice. Somebody has to step up and prove that he is the No. 1 guy."

LVHS opens the season on Friday by playing at Cody. The Tigers face Star Valley in the second week of the season.

"We play two of the best two teams in the first two weeks of the season," Hughes said. "We are going to have work hard to get some breaks to be competitive."


SHS defensive back Josh Oaks picked off a Lander pass during the scrimmage and took it a long way.

Oaks is a junior this year.

"Josh had a great interception," Truempler said. "That was the first time he is going to play cornerback."

SHS lost Mason Steffen last week with a dislocated shoulder injury.

"We will probably lose him for about three weeks," Truempler said. "That is big blow to us."

Steffen was scheduled to the the No. 1 wide receiver and the starting safety.

"We had to juggle some things around," Truempler said. "Mason has done a great job motivating the kids."

Senior Tyler Clemetson is returning at quarterback.

SHS has eight seniors on the roster.

"It's huge for us to have Tyler back," Truempler said. "Tyler is a great leader. I can't ask for a better group of senior boys."

Truempler said he is still undecided at the center slot. The battle is between Galen LaGois and J.J. Pingetzer.

LaGois a junior and Pingetzer is a freshman.

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