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Letter on the state of education missed mark on two points

Sep 3, 2013 - Kristy Richmond, Riverton


There are two specific points that disappoint me most in Mr. Heckart's letter to the editor from Aug. 22. First, his experience with the students of Riverton high school has been vastly different from mine. In my 15 years at the school, of which I also am a proud alumnus, I have found the prohibitive majority of students that I encounter in and out of the classroom to be gracious, hard-working, intelligent, kind and tolerant. They inspire me to be a better person every day.

Second, I am profoundly disappointed that Mr. Heckart chose to cite Tomi Kirkland by name. This reference erroneously implies two misguided points, first, that by calling her "Kirkland" or even (gasp!) "Kirk," our students are showing her disrespect. They are not.

Social standards evolve, just as we evolve as human beings as well. Their familiar form of address for her is not a sign of disrespect. Rather, it is an expression of trust and esteem.

Finally, Mr. Heckart's diatribe cast Tomi Kirkland in the middle of the tired lament of "what is wrong with education today." I would like to point out that when any of us casts those stones, it should never be in Mrs. Kirkland's direction. She, quite simply, is "what is right" with education today. In fact, when our students return to us Monday morning, and those students seek here out, even when she is not on their schedule, just to say "Hey, Kirk!" that point will be reiterated over and over. Here's to a great year, RHS.

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