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Animal shelter should give cats equal treatment to dogs

Sep 5, 2013 - Pat Stevens, Riverton


I am writing because I want to praise our wonderful animal shelter, or maybe I should call it "dog sanctuary." The shelter doesn't seem to care a bit about cats.

There is always a picture of a dog in the paper, but very few of cats. Not that I don't like dogs. I do. I love all animals. But cats have feelings, too, and they don't go out and kill livestock, attack people, etc.

The animal control officer will not pick up any cats, or at least won't pick up mine. If I take them to the shelter, they charge $40 apiece. That is ridiculous. It shouldn't make any difference whether they are picked up or taken to the shelter. The animal control officer will not even talk to me, let alone pick up any cats.

I have supported all of the yard sales, bake sales, and whatever else may have been going on to support the shelter, plus I send a money order to them whenever I'm able to. But I do think that if they're going to run a shelter, then they should help all animals, not just dogs.

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