County girls best finishers at Green River cross country

Sep 5, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Wyoming Indian High School and the Riverton Wolverines both opened the cross country season last Friday at the Green River Invitational to set the measuring stick for the rest of the year.

Charlene Brown of WIHS paced the Fremont County girls, crossing the 3.1-mile race third in a time of 22:03. Riverton's Olivia Thompson was seventh in 23:12. Auburn Bell from was 10th in 23:40 for Wyoming Indian.

"We had a good opening meet," RHS coach Jay Dayton said. "We saw some really good performances out of first-year runners. We had some nice surprises there. Overall, I think that we are ahead of where we were last year."

Freshman Tiana Lopez ended 14th for the Wolverines in a time of 24:12. Freshman Gavin Settlemire was the first RHS boys runner in the race, but Dayton didn't know his time or placing.

Tyler Penatac placed 11th in 19:31, and Keegan Her Many Horses finished 13th (19:44). Both are from Wyoming Indian.

Teams in the season opening meet were Evanston, Green River, Lyman, Mountain View, Rawlins, Riverton, Saratoga, Rock Springs and WIHS.

RHS and Lander Valley High School are going to the Rawlins Invitational on Friday.

"We just want to see a little bit more improvement on last week," Dayton said. "The Rawlins course is a nice, flat and quick course. We are just taking steps here. We are getting shape and improving from week to week."

Results from cross country meet in Green River


Top times

1. Hannah Behunin, Mountain View, 21:34; 2. Clarissa Barton, Evanston, 21:52; 3. Charlene Brown, Wyoming Indian, 22:03; 4. Abri Schneider, Green River, 22:17; 5. Josie Givens, Green River, 22:46; 6. Nicole Davis, Green River, 22;57; 7. Olivia Thompson, Riverton, 23:12; 8. Hannah Hampton, Rock Springs, 23:28; 9. Nicole Gerrard, Evanston, 23:36; 10. Auburn Bell, Wyoming Indian, 23:40; 11. Madelin Kunzler, Lyman, 24:10; 12. Gaven Murphy, Rawlins, 24:11; 13. Sheridan Klingensmith, Rock Springs, 24:11; 14. Tiana Lopez, Riverton, 24:12; 15. Issy Hills, Rock Springs, 24:20; 16. Jessie Ray, Rock Springs, 24:24; 17. Marissa Westenskow, Green River, 24:25; 18. Katie Loose, Star Valley, 24:36; 19. Brittany Atkinson, Rock Springs, 24:43; 20. Emma Nathan, Green River, 25:02.


(top times only)

1. Josh Hartford, Green River, 17:37; 2. Dillon Gilpin, Evanston, 17:45; 3. Sam Richens, Evanston, 18:13; 4. Draper Robinson, Evanston, 18:16; 5. Jace Richards, Evanston, 18:31; 6. Alex Skorcz, Rock Springs, 18:35; 7. Kody Thomas, Rock Springs, 18:42; 8. Daniel Wright, Green River, 18:58; 9. Steven Glasscok, Green River, 19:02; 10. Austin Waters, Green River, 19:07; 11. Tyler Penatac, Wyoming Indian, 19:31; 12. Preston Portillo, Rock Springs, 19:35; 13. Keegan Her Many Horses, Wyoming Indian, 19:44; 14. Cameron Coliamer, Saratoga, 19:48; 15. Elijah Rembact, Rock Springs, 19:50; 16. Hugh Henry, Mountain View, 19:51; 17. Miles Trujillo, Evanston, 19:54; 18. Cory Lamebear, Wyoming Indian, 20:03; 19. Isaiah Maestas, Rock Springs, 20:05.

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