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Don't abolish death penalty; accelerate it to save money

Sep 9, 2013 John Foster, Rawlins


Recent newspaper articles and letters to the editor discuss the issue of Mark Eaton's death sentence. One letter to the editor was in support of abolishing the death penalty in Wyoming.

I disagree. The amount of tax money that the Wyoming Department of Corrections claims it costs to house and care for an inmate each day is in itself a waste of tax money. In Eaton's case, he has approximately 35 years of life left, and those expenses would be a waste.

The only way to reach closure for the family of the victim in Mr. Eaton's case is to inflict equal punishment.

Our U.S. Constitution states that acts of treason and terrorism can cause loss of a person's constitutional rights and that such acts are punishable by death.

Taking another person's life is an act of terrorism and treason against our country and its citizens. The state should execute this kind of criminal 30 days after conviction, especially when there is no doubt they are guilty of such heinous acts.

Such actions would save the taxpayers millions.


Editors note: The writer is a Fremont County resident serving time in the Wyoming State Penitentiary.

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