Low rankings don't faze UW leaders

Sep 11, 2013 The Associated Press

LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming received low scores in a new set of national rankings by US News and World Report.

UW was ranked 161st out of 201 universities listed. UW also was listed as 88th of 117 for top public universities.

But UW President Bob Sternberg says the university has a different mission from many of those that scored well on the rankings.

Sternberg himself is a graduate of Yale, one of the schools perennially atop the rankings.

This year, as usual, "HYP," meaning Harvard, Yale and Princeton, are the top three, with Princeton edging Harvard and Yale this time around. The three have swapped the top three spots many times in the 30-year history of the rankings, with Stanford cracking the top three once.

Tiny differences separate the three famed Ivy League universities in the methodology used by the magazine. Sometimes, a single car theft near a campus in the previous year can lead to a shift of spots at the top.

But Sternberg says UW is a land grant university that wants and needs to accept a lot of students.

He says the US News and World Report ranking favor schools that reject many students.

UW has about a 95 percent acceptance rate. His alma mater, Yale, accepted less than 6 percent this year out from about 35,000 applicants.

In addition, Sternberg said UW's goal is to make positive ethical leaders, which isn't something that is measured in the report.

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